sábado, 9 de enero de 2010

No sé la verdad.

Here i'm, again :)!

these 4 letters are totally unknown for me, i mean, to anybody else that isn't related to friends-family-animals, don't know if I want to meet them, or still ignoring for the rest of my time, at least for now.

Sounds so freaking ridiculous, but, for me its a waste of time. -why?-.

Because, i don't want to change my ways, or anything about me. -what are u talking about?-

Well, for a while -a really long time- i've been, a kinda witness, as simple as it sounds, witness of the idiot behaviors from my relatives who have "met" these four letters, sometimes, its difficult, to me, seeing people that i've known since a life time, and in a blink of eyes, its another person,totally changed without a reason, well, the reason is the walking monkeys they're dating, its obvious, nobody changes, just pretend to be changed, anyway, its obvious that walking monkey- will hurt her/him sooner or later, and its just SAD see these people acting like kids when their candy is taken.
I'm not been negative, its true.. -first act: everything's so magnifique with u. -Second act: i love u, so so so much, ok, i fuck u up. Third act:Ok, i don't love u anymore, fuck off!

End: That's all, i'm a grinch.

Pd: these four letters is a fucking lie! :)
pd2: this picture is as lovely as you (:
VOS SABEIS QUE LOS MARACUCHOS SON ES ARRECHOOS! jhsajahjskhs -lapsus mental, sorry-

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